Solano Hair Dryer Review: Is it the Best Choice for You?

I learned the hard way why every girl needs a good hair dryer — like the Solano hair dryer — at home. A major magazine publisher called and asked to meet in one hour. The first thing I remembered was my messy hair. I knew that would kill the first impression buzz. So I washed it but knew air drying would rob my time. Therefore, I made an updo and ran out of the house with a hand towel to manage the drips. What horror!

The hand towel didn’t do the trick and part of our conversation was about the convenience of using hair dryers instead of air drying. She even recommended to me the Solano hair dryer. While I was beyond embarrassed that I had triggered the hair talk, I was glad that she revealed to me that not all hair dryers were harmful to hair, it’s the type you choose and how you use one that matters.

The Solano Company

Established back in 1976, Solano is a company dedicated to providing the best tools in the salon industry. It even boasts of being the first to introduce the cool shot button in hair dryers for styling hair. Furthermore, the company has grown to become the most trusted and dependable brand in the professional beauty realm for over 40 years.

If you’re in search of a good hair dryer for luscious locks, then the Solano hair dryer is worth checking out. No matter what category of hair types your hair is in, Solano has just the right hair dryer for your tresses.

Solano is a company that prides itself in innovating the latest technology in the hair industry. It has designed a variety of professional hair dryers that come with numerous features for every hair type.

Key features

When choosing the right hair dryer, some of the main features to look for include:

  • Wattage
  • Heat elements
  • Negative Ions
  • Speed and heat settings
  • Removable intake cup
  • Power cord measurements
  • Cool shot button
  • Nozzles

Wattage and heating element

The Solano hair dryer models tick all the boxes in these areas. The hair dryers usually have a wattage of 1700 to 1875, which is good for home users. Consequently, the hair dryers use ceramic heating technology for even distribution of heat throughout your hair.

In addition, the ceramic heating utilizes negative ions that react with the positively charged water molecules to dry hair faster and help smooth out hair cuticles for a shinier look with less frizz.

Heat settings

These hair dryers come with three heat and two different speed settings for versatility and a cool shot button to lock hairstyles into place. Equally important, the hair dryers have a long 11.5–foot cord for more flexibility.

On top of that, the Solano hair dryers have removable intake cups to allow for cleaning and durability of the dryer. Cheaper hair dryers do not have this feature, so the cup fills up with dust and gunk blowing the dryer up.


Lastly, the Solano hair dryer models come with two nozzles. The wide nozzle is ideal for drying long and thick hair. That is because the expanded width allows more hair coverage and faster drying.

In contrast, the narrow nozzle is used for polished finishes when more air concentration is needed. That makes it ideal for fringes, curly and frizzy hair. Regardless, you should always keep at least half an inch distance between the blow dry and the hairbrush to protect both your hair and the hair dryer.

How We Reviewed

To bring you an unbiased review for the Solano hair dryer, we combed over manufacturer and retailer product specifications as well as customer reviews, ratings, and complaints. Our discoveries helped us to come up with an insightful analysis of these best Solano hair dryers to buy.

Our Best Solano Hair Dryer Picks

Here is our list for the best Solano hair dryers to buy. You will find the standout features and real customer experiences below.

Supersolano X

No products found.

The Supersolano X is an Italian-made 1875-watt hair dryer with a well-balanced AC motor for peak performance. It also comes equipped with infrared heat for faster hair drying and tourmaline technology to reduce frizz. This Solano hair dryer has two fiberglass concentrators, cold shot button, removable filter, and an 11.5-foot cord. Equally important, the Supersolano X has a two-year limited warranty.

You can buy this Solano hair dryer through Amazon. Most customers commended its excellent drying power and design, but some users reported a faulty power cord.

Solano Top Power 3200

The Solano Top Power 3200 consists of an AC motor that has 1875 watts. It also features an ergonomic handle that conforms to your hand so that it doesn’t get tired easily. It comes with low EMF to reduce exposure to radiation and a limited two-year warranty. On top of this, it utilizes infrared and tourmaline technologies for faster drying time and reduced frizz.

While users liked the long power cord and drying speed, some users complained that it was heavy.

Supersolano 3500 Lite

No products found.

The Supersolano 3500 Lite has an 1800-watt DC motor that is lightweight for reduced arm fatigue. It also features the infrared and tourmaline technologies with low EMF. In addition, it has two nozzles, three heat settings, and two separate speed settings. The ceramic heating element ensures even distribution of heat and helps minimize frizzy hair. Just like other models, this Solano hair dryer has a limited two-year warranty.

Customers liked that it was super light and dries hair fast. However, some users reported that the power cord was bulky.

Solano Turbo Ultralite

No products found.

The Solano Turbo Ultralite features a 1700-watt DC motor that is lightweight. The ergonomic handle ensures that your arm gets less tired when drying hair. Moreover, it utilizes ceramic components for even distribution of heat as well as infrared heat for optimum drying. It also has a removable filter for easy cleaning and three heat settings and two different speed settings.

This Solano hair dryer is available on Amazon.  Customers liked that it was lightweight and compact but some users complained that the cord tangled up easily.

Supersolano 3700 Moda

No products found.

The Supersolano 3700 Moda features a well-balanced 1875-watt AC motor. It has three heat settings and two separate speed settings and a cold shot button that locks styles into place almost instantly. Moreover, its ceramic components distribute heat evenly while the tourmaline elements add more shine and smoothen hair.

You can buy this dryer through Amazon. Customers were impressed with its airflow and fast drying results. However, some users reported that it was too heavy.

Top Solano Hair Dryer Competitors

To see how Solano hair dryers stack up to its competition, we looked at the features, reviews, and ratings of similar hair dryers. Here are the brands giving the Solano hair dryer a run for its money.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium dryer

31tzymmjful-_sl160_-8205213 BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer features 2000-watt power & lightweight ergonomic handling for less hand…
  • This lightweight dryer uses ionic technology to create gentle even heat. Hair dries faster with less frizz.
  • Great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer helps reveal shiny, healthy-looking hair.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer features a heavy-duty 2000-watt motor. It also offers six heat and speed settings with a cool shot button for locking hairstyles. Furthermore, this hair dryer features ionic elements for reducing frizz and a removable filter for easy cleaning. On top of this, the hair dryer offers a limited four-year warranty on its models.

The BaByliss hair dryer is available for purchase on Amazon. While most customers were relatively happy with the hairdryer, some users reported that it had a slow drying time.

Sedu Revolution 4000i hair dryer

The Sedu Revolution hair dryer has 1875 watts. Its ceramic elements reduce static and frizz. It even has a dedicated ion generator switch for smoothening hair. In addition, this hair dryer comes with six heat and speed settings including a cold shot button. Also, you can remove the end cap to clean. Just like the Solano hair dryer, it offers a limited two-year warranty.

You can buy this hair dryer from Amazon. Customers liked its compact size and the ionic generator switch that offered different styling options. Unfortunately, users did not like the placement of the cold shot button. It is near the middle of the handle instead of at the top.

Velecta Paramount hair dryer

No products found.

The French made hair dryer delivers 2000 watts of power and utilizes both ceramic and tourmaline technologies. In addition, it features an ergonomic handle, so it feels comfortable to your hand. It has two speed and heat settings along with a cool shot button plus a nine-foot-long cord.

The Velecta Paramount hair dryers are available on Amazon. While customers were impressed with the smooth hair from ionic elements, some users complained that it was heavy and took longer to dry hair.

What Sets the Solano Hair Dryer Apart?

While the competition offers great features, the Solano hair dryer remains standing. Its hair dryers are balanced internally at three different points to ensure higher performance and longer life.

Secondly, its nozzles have fiberglass that retains heat without warping as it directs airflow for more controlled styling. It also uses infrared heat that makes the heat gentle as it dries hair reducing heat damage.

Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of the Solano hair dryer.


The Solano hair dryer has a unique set of benefits that make it stand out from its competition. Let’s dive in.

  • Well-balanced motor
  • Lightweight
  • Improved airflow
  • Removable filter


Just like other products, it also has its fair share of disadvantages that need improvements. Here are some of its less desirable features.

  • Doesn’t include a diffuser
  • Some models are too heavy
  • Power cord tangles up easily

Final Word About the Solano Hair Dryer

The Solano hair dryer is a great investment for both home users and salon professionals. Its long cord, ceramic heating elements, multiple heat settings, removable intake cup, and quality of construction makes it worthwhile.

Furthermore, the fiberglass nozzles and well-balanced motor make it stand out from other great brands such as the Sedu, BaByliss, and Velecta hair dryers discussed above. This and the fact that it ticks all the boxes in what to look for when choosing a good hair dryer.

Which option would you go for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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