Revlon Hair Straightener: Sleek and Straight Every Time

The Revlon hair straightener has probably been in your hair toolbox for those humid, frizzy hair days at some time during your life. The affordable price and widespread availability almost guarantee that you’ve used one at least once over the years. And if not, maybe you should give it a try just to see what all the fuss is about.

Revlon Hair Straightener Comparison Table

When you’re looking for a flat iron, the choices of colors and materials can be overwhelming. How does the ceramic coating help your hair? Why are crushed gemstones incorporated into the coating? How much does the price matter? If you’re not paying attention, you may walk out of the store with a tool based on the color alone, and that would be a mistake. Make an educated decision by comparing reviews and talking to a hairstylist before purchasing.

Lose Frizz with the Revlon Hair Straightener

The Revlon hair straightener uses salon-level high heat to remove frizz and curls from your hair. Depending on your hair styling skill level, you can even use a straightener to make loose waves instead of a curling iron! So, you can get two tools in one if you know what you’re looking for. Rounded edges on the plates allow for better styling, and fewer seams where the plate meets the plastic will mean less snagging and pulling on your hair.

Stylists recommend sticking with a 1-inch plate because a wider plate has very little extra usefulness. This makes it easy to style hair and curl the ends or make loose waves. However, if you have very long, thick hair, you might want to choose a straightener over the 1-inch wide. Keep in mind that the weight from the extra width makes the tool more difficult to hold and manage.

So when you pick out your Revlon hair straightener, these are the features you want to keep in mind.

Ceramic plate options

The plate material is one of the most important parts of the straightener. The ceramic-coated plate on the Revlon hair straightener protects your hair from damage and adds shine. The coating also distributes heat evenly and holds up to wear better than other materials.

The tourmaline ceramic coating on most Revlon flat irons mixes in the strength of tourmaline gemstones for a boost in moisture and shine in your hair. Other brands with full tourmaline plates can be on the pricey side. Revlon’s combination with ceramic help keeps costs low. You won’t need to worry about over-styling with this tool!

Smooth Brilliance™

If your hair is long and thick, consider the Smooth Brilliance™ product line. It has a variety of heat settings for precise control, which is extremely useful. The straightener also has a curved plate design to easily change your look from sleek to styled, loose curls.

This collection also boasts the ceramic coating for even better heat distribution and to quickly reach those high temps. The plates will glide easily over your hair, and you’ll keep your shine, thanks to the tourmaline blend.

Soft Feel™ handle

When you’re styling your hair in the morning, you want a tool that is also comfortable in your hand and easy to maneuver. The Soft Feel™ Revlon hair straighteners have a rubberized texture for easy grip and movement.

Not all of their flat irons have this feature. Soft Feel™ seems like a small feature, but can greatly improve your experience.

Can It Take the Heat?

So where does this brand stand against the others on the shelf? We’ll look at the favorites within the price range and compare their features, prices, and warranty so that you can make a decision. We’ll use the newest model (and Amazon Choice) Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance™ XL 1-inch from the Revlon hair straightener line to compare with similar models from other top hair tool brands.


  • Name: 1-inch Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology
  • Warranty: 60-day money-back guarantee

One big difference between this flat iron and the Revlon hair straightener is the ceramic plates. While Revlon only offers ceramic-coated plates, this Remington model has 1-inch ceramic plates to heat up quickly and evenly.

Hot Tools

  • Name: 1-inch Nano Ceramic® Salon Flat Iron with Extra-Long Plates
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


This Conair straightener has many of the same features of the Revlon hair straightener, but at a lower price point through some sellers.

  • Name: Infiniti PRO by Conair® 1-inch Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Warranty: Limited 5-year warranty

Bed Head

While you may not think of sleek and straight when you think of Bed Head, the bright yellow color of this model will catch your eye on the shelf.

  • Name: Bed Head Attention Grabber 1-inch Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener
  • Warranty: Limited warranty

According to the manufacturer, the plates only reach 400 degrees. And the silicone grips and rounded edges make it easy to use for both straightening hair and creating loose curls.

Does the Flat Iron Fall Flat?

Sometimes with hair styling tools, you get what you pay for. With Revlon hair straighteners, you have several options to choose from to get the most for your money. While they may not last as long as the high-end brands, you can save some money and still get straight hair with these low-cost tools.


  • Low cost
  • Tourmaline ceramic
  • Quick heat-up


  • Only coated metal plates
  • Typically lasts 1 to 2 years
  • Does not get hot enough

The Revlon straighteners are usually only ceramic-coated, not full ceramic plates, which causes some wear after a few months. By contrast, Remington offers full ceramic plates but can be difficult to use when it gets too hot. The tourmaline ceramic feature on the Revlon hair straightener keeps hair smooth and frizz-free. The temperature and quick heating is another feature that starts to fail as the product gets older. Despite this, many buyers used the product for over a year without problems.

Straighten Out Those Curls

Our pick is the Revlon Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch. It’s true you can find other tools with full ceramic plates that last longer but not for this price. It also heats up quickly and has curved edges to keep your hair from snagging.

This iron is worth testing out before you invest in a far more expensive product. This product also helps by providing suggested temperature settings for different hair types.

Have you tried a Revlon hair straightener over the years? Is there anything you would add to this review?

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