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Whether you are traveling for work or an exotic vacation, you never know when you want or need to have a fantastic hair day. Many women may be having second thoughts in dedicating a big chunk of their limited luggage space to a massive hair dryer. That is where a portable hair dryer comes to the rescue.

To say that most ladies have given up the hope that a portable hair dryer will create their desired hairstyle is an understatement. It seems like we’ve been stuck using terrible hair dryers in hotels that don’t do any good for our hair. Too often we’re left with dry and frizzy hair and frustration throughout our vacation.

However, times have changed. Now, tons of portable hair dryers are available that can transform our hair from looking dull and lifeless to voluminous, long, and full of life. This transformation instantly gives us a boost of confidence to start our day in the right frame of mind.

Because buying something without prior research can be damaging to both your hair and your bank account, we have whipped up a list of our favorite portable hair dryers that will prove to be a great investment and source of satisfaction for you while traveling.

The Value of Portable Hair Dryers

It’s essential to avoid the feeling of intense disappointment that we experience whenever we find a complimentary hair dryer in our hotel room that lacks essential features and is not appropriate for use on your hair. For you to achieve your dream style, you may have to spend hours instead of a couple of minutes in front of the mirror.

Just like a regular hair dryer, a portable hair dryer can make your desired style come to life without exerting much effort. However, not all portable hair dryers are created equal. That is why you need to weigh your options before you swipe your credit card.

A portable hair dryer is a lightweight device that you can carry around wherever you go. They fit into your suitcase seamlessly, so it is not a chore to lug it around. A portable hair dryer can be an indispensable item to bring on vacation.

Key Features

Portable hair dryers are without a doubt, one of the most useful things you can carry with you while traveling. Regular hair dryers are enormous and extremely noisy. Some are not even equipped to function at maximum efficiency because of potential voltage converter issues. That problem goes away when using a portable hair dryer that is dual voltage.

There are tons of things to consider when you purchase a portable hair dryer. An effective portable hair dryer needs to function as expected as limit the inconveniences that a user may experience. One of the most important things to look at when purchasing hair dryers is the power that it needs to function correctly. Next, another important feature is whether it provides cool air. Make sure you know the product design and weight before you even consider buying it. There is nothing you want to avoid more than lugging around a useless and bulky piece of equipment in your baggage.

Furthermore, you also have to consider its attachments. Many of these products are so small that they do not have some of the critical attachments of a regular hair dryer, such as a diffuser. It is also important to note that many hair dryers can also function as diffusers although you might need to purchase a separate add-on if you consider it as one of the essential functions that you require while traveling.

Don’t fret. The best portable dryers will work better than your average hotel room hair dryer even without the attachments you would like.

What Are Its Settings?

Apart from its size, another factor that sets portable hair dryers apart is its settings and limitations. Most of these products only have a few options for heat settings. For example, a cheap portable hair dryer is only usually equipped with one or two-speed settings and doesn’t have an option for heat.

Despite this disadvantage, you have to know your preferences. If you opt to use a cool hair dryer, you can easily find one that provides this basic function. It can help save your hair from unwanted damage because adding a heating element to your hair maintenance routine is bound to result in such issues as split ends and breakage.

You can also opt to use a hair dryer that has the ionic feature. It can make your hair smoother because it dries your mane with moisture from the air. That makes an ionic hair dryer one of the best travel options available. The benefits associated with using moisture as opposed to other more harmful ways of styling your hair are well worth the cost.

Think about the size

The last thing you want to worry about when traveling is luggage space limitations. That’s a problem with traveling as well as packing for travel. So you don’t want to dedicate a lot of precious luggage space to a portable hair dryer. A regular hair dryer can be a good option if you will be traveling by car. But this isn’t feasible when you will use air travel to get to your destination. The size of hair dryers usually a good indicator of how powerful it is. A portable hair dryer that has good quality will provide similar results as a regular hair dryer, so size doesn’t matter all the time.

Additionally, it is important to note that even the lightest hair dryers in the market can be sufficiently powerful to meet your needs. That is why the size of a travel hair dryer can come off as a shock to you because it is almost half the size of your regular one at home and yet performs the same functions equally well.

About product safety

When looking for the best portable hair dryer that suits your individual needs, safety should be a key factor. Because these products use electricity to power them, safety must be a consideration that you should closely evaluate when choosing between similar products.

One key thing to look at when choosing the right travel hair dryer for you is the voltage. Having a device with the proper voltage is not only vital for how well it will function but also how safe it will be while traveling.

Many countries utilize different wall and voltage attachments, so you need to have the right converter to be able to use your hairdryer safely. If you don’t want this to become an issue, you can get dual voltage hair dryers previously discussed. That is one of the main reasons a portable hair dryer is preferable to its competing products on the market and would eliminate your worries about having to buy adapters.

How We Chose The Best Hair Dryers

To create this list, we took into consideration everything you may deem as necessary for purchasing the right portable hair dryer to meet your individual needs. That includes such factors as attachments that come with the device, power output, durability, efficiency, and of course, how effectively it can style your hair.

When choosing the best portable hair dryer, prioritize your budget and your preferences regarding its features and your styling needs. For example, those who have curly hair might prefer devices with a detachable hair diffuser which those who have frizzy hair may opt to use a hair dryer utilizing tourmaline technology.

The Best Portable Hair Dryer

JINRI 1975 Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

  • 1.1875w DC motor hair dryer can provide powerful airflow to fast dry your hair,save your time!
  • 2.2 heat/speed settings for 125V,1 heat/speed setting for 250V,better for styling.Cool shot Button releases cool air for…
  • 3.Ceramic tourmaline air outlet for negative Ion feature,to help professional hair care while reducing frizz, adding…

Although it may look small and cute, it does not mean that this portable hair dryer is not powerful. Equipped with numerous color options and a foldable handle, this device measures only 9.45 inches x 5.5 inches x 4.72 inches.

If you are traveling in different countries, the 125V and 250V dial will be extremely useful. It also has two heat settings. You can opt to use the cool option after you have styled your hair with heat. Moreover, it has a ceramic tourmaline technology which releases negative ions. These ions get rid of positive water ions to prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Furthermore, it also has a removable concentrator and a power cord which makes it very easy to store when you are not using it. Its powerful motors can also provide you with enough airflow to dry your hair in no time at all.

BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer


  • The compact 1000 Watt BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is a powerful, lightweight travel dryer. Nano titanium &…
  • This ultra-lightweight travel blow dryer has dual voltage & 2 heat/speed settings & a folding handle.
  • Great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer helps reveal shiny, healthy-looking hair.

This amazing portable hair dryer measures an astonishing 5.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 8.9 inches. It is less powerful than its competitors with its 1,000-watt motor. However, the ratio of its size to its power will blow not only your hair but also your mind. It functions on dual voltage. It lets you alternate between 125V and 250V to power your machine. Also, it has a convenient folding handle. You can also switch between low and high heat settings.

Those who seek to have shiny hair will love this product because of its tourmaline crystal technology. That makes it possible to reduce static electricity and humidity by emitting negative ions. To dry your hair thoroughly, this portable hair dryer uses infrared heat. It is gentler, quicker, and less damaging to hair than alternative drying methods.

Revlon 1875 Compact Travel Hair Dryer


  • Wattage of this appliance may vary depending on the location of use
  • Compact design with folding handle great for travel or your gym bag, also includes Worldwide dual voltage
  • Ionic Technology and 3X ceramic coating to reduce frizz and damage.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean

This compact hair dryer is one of the best options for people who are searching for the best value option. This 1.2-pound device is only suitable for travel in Central and North America (as well as a handful of others) because of its lack of dual voltage setting. It also does not come with a folding handle.

Despite its drawbacks, its 1,875-motor enables you to dry your hair very quickly. It also has two heat settings that will let you effectively control the hair drying process. Also, other notable features include an anti-slip grip on its handle, a removable filter cap, and a hanging loop on its power cord.

MHD Professional Travel Size 1000W Hair Dryer


  • Mini 1000 watts DC motor hair dryer,perfect choice for travel as it is small, compact.
  • Lightweight body, low noise signature, cool shot button, 1.8 meter cord with hanging loop, concentrator included.
  • Ceramic Tourmaline air outlet grill,removable lint filter,to facilitate the timely clean up.

This is perfect if you want to achieve incredibly sleek hair. With its tourmaline air outlet, this 1000W hair dryer distributes heat equally for your hair. It even comes with a thick concentrator nozzle.

At only 4.7 inches x 2.5 inches x 7.4 inches, this will make you feel like you just got out of the salon. Although it does not come with a dual voltage setting, you can still revel at its efficiency resulting from its quiet motor, six-foot cord, and cool shot option.

Jinri 1000 Professional Mini Hair Dryer

No products found.

This 11-ounce hair dryer only measures 8 inches x 2 inches x 5 inches. It’s the ideal product for those who do not want to disturb their hotel neighbors. The Jinri 1000 Professional Mini Hair Dryer uses a low-noise DC motor.

A while not being loud, it still manages great power. It has two heat settings, a detachable concentrator nozzle, and an ionic generator.

Conair MiniPRO Folding Handle Tourmaline Ceramic Styler


  • Mini Hair Dryer: This hair dryer offers 1200 watts of power in a compact size with a folding handle, featuring 2 heat…
  • Frizz Fighting Design: This mini PRO dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology that helps protect hair from heat…
  • Special Features: This lightweight and compact blow dryer includes a concentrator for pinpoint styling, a 5 foot power…

This 8.8-ounce device measures just 9.9 inches x 6 inches x 3.8 inches. It is one of the best portable hair dryers that you can get on the market. That is especially true if you are not a fan of checking in your luggage.

This portable hair dryer has a removable concentrator and a no-slip grip folding handle. It has a 1,200-watt motor and provides you with two heat choices. It also has dual voltage settings and uses tourmaline ceramic technology.

Philips 3-Speed Essential Travel Hair Dryer

No products found.

This Philips dryer is perfect for those who love to stay in hotels or with friends and family. This 1,600-watt hair dryer has dual voltage functionality and stands out with its aerodynamic cone design. Also, it has a foldable handle and a handy 71-inch flexible cord.

Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer


  • Ions reduce “frizzies” while conditioning hair
  • 3 heat/air speeds for ultimate styling and control; cool shot button locks in style
  • Retractable cord and folding handle for convenient storage

This lightweight hairdryer comes with fantastic drying power for its size. Its lightweight design and impressive engineering technology make it a user favorite.

It has a ceramic construction and negative ion propulsion technology that will give you phenomenal results. Your hair will look comparable in quality as having a visit to the salon. It also has a retracting cord and foldable handle.

T3 Micro Compact Travel Hair Dryer


  • Ions reduce “frizzies” while conditioning hair
  • 3 heat/air speeds for ultimate styling and control; cool shot button locks in style
  • Retractable cord and folding handle for convenient storage

This stylish hair dryer is lightweight and a complete tool for your meeting your hair needs. It has a high and low heat setting and a great 9-foot cord. For those who want a diffuser, a separate attachment is also available.

You also do not have to worry about how you would store it because it comes with its own travel bag and a wrap for storage.

Our Favorite Portable Hair Dryer

Choosing the perfect portable hair dryer for you depends on your preferences. However, whether you are a beginner or a professional in styling your, you cannot go wrong with the JINRI 1,875 dual voltage hair dryer.

No closely-matched product on the market combines a small size and so much hair drying power and convenient options for users. In particular, the ceramic tourmaline technology that prevents frizzy hair is an amazing benefit that sets this product apart from its competition.

Choose your Portable Hair Dryer Carefully

Portable hair dryers prove that size does not always matter. With these products, you can get the same efficiency minus the extra weight and size. Tell us your favorite portable hair dryer in the comment section below!

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