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One of my favorite things to do is get my hair cut at a professional salon. I love being pampered and the feeling I have after a good haircut. My favorite part of the haircut, though, is when the hair stylist takes out the hair dryer and dries my hair. It styles my hair perfectly and gives it so much volume. Why is it, then, that when I dry my hair at home, I can’t get that same result? I have tried to replicate the results many times but have no luck. Perhaps the reason that the style is perfect at the salon is that the hair stylist uses the right hair dryer.

Many features make for a quality hair dryer that does an excellent job on hair while giving it the style it needs. One of the brands that professional hair stylists count on to do this is the Elchim hair dryer.

What Is the Elchim Hair Dryer?

The Elchim company, based in Milan, Italy, makes the Elchim hair dryer. The company started in 1945 after World War II, and it was the first company to make hair dryers specifically for professional use. The hair dryer’s advanced technology delivers excellent performance while respecting the hair’s well-being. Furthermore, the hair dryers are high-quality, stylish, and designed for many types of hair.

The Elchim Hair Dryer’s Features

The Elchim hair dryer’s best features are that it is quiet, powerful, and sensitive to all types of hair. Furthermore, it not only dries hair but styles it by regulating the temperature and air flow. Also, its advanced ceramic technology naturally creates ions and protects the hair from the effects of heat. Finally, the pride that the Elchim company has in its products shine in the hair dryer’s stylish and classy design.

What Customers Say

Regardless of the model, the consensus with many customers was that the Elchim hair dryer is a very powerful hair dryer that dries all types of hair in a short amount of time, while still keeping hair soft. However, some customers complained that the hair dryer is not powerful enough for them.

How We Reviewed

We looked at customer reviews and ratings on Amazon and Google Express. Also, we chose one type of each model of the hair dryer. The Elchim hair dryer has three models, and we included all three models to ensure that our look at Elchim is well-rounded and represents the overall brand. Lastly, we looked at the overall quality and features of each hair dryer to give them an honest and fair review.

Elchim Hair Dryer: The Reviews

Here are three highly-rated Elchim hair dryers. We included one version of each model and focused on features, quality, ratings, and customer reviews.

Elchim 8th Sense Sunset Copper

This hair dryer works for every type of hair. This is the first hair dryer to work on all eight types of hair. The dryer is essentially a motor controlled by a power regulator that adjusts many combinations of heat and power. This technology allows the dryer to regulate temperature and air flow, to both dry your hair and style it.

Furthermore, the power settings range from 300 to 2,100 watts. Lastly, it is a very quiet hair dryer, as far as hair dryers go.  Amazon does not carry this product.

Customers said that it is gentle enough to work on fine hair, but strong enough to handle all types of hair drying, including blow-outs. Furthermore, they said that it dries hair quickly while still keeping it soft. However, some customers said that the dryer is not powerful enough for them. You can buy the hair dryer on websites such as Overstock.com, Amazon, eBay, ulta.com, and brightonbeautysupply.com.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic

31ydgo1xril-_sl160_-2523090 Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black/Silver

  • PRO ITALIAN DESIGN: Elchim turbo hair dryers are designed with powerful Italian AC electric motors
  • SMOOTH SALON QUALITY: Achieve hydrating salon level shine with our nourishing anti static hairdryers
  • FAST AIR FLOW: Quiet yet quick, our lightweight full size blow-dryer can cut down drying time by 30%

The 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer combines beautiful Italian design with powerful technology. It has a gorgeous dark finish that covers its ionic-ceramic system. Furthermore, its combination of air flow, heat, and power all work to reduce drying time by about 30 percent. It is quiet, lightweight, and perfectly balanced. Lastly, it includes an electromagnetic wave protection system.

Customers said that it is a very strong hair dryer that dries quickly while keeping hair soft. Furthermore, they said that it is lightweight and very easy to use. However, some customers said that it has a faulty power switch and it does not get hot enough for them. You can buy it on websites such as Overstock.com and Amazon.

Elchim XLite

Ideal for travelers, this hair dryer is one of the most lightweight professional hair dryers on the market today. It has a hybrid motor and is free of noise while at the same time remaining powerful. Also, like the Elchim 8th Sense and Healthy hair dryers, it has an ionic-ceramic system. Lastly, this dryer adds personality to its model by including three colored filters that you can choose according to your mood.

Customers said that it is lightweight, powerful, and quiet. They also said that the hair dryer dries all types of hair in a short amount of time. However, some customers said that it is not durable and the diffuser it comes with keeps falling off of the hair dryer. You can find the hair dryer on websites such as eBay and nancysbeauty.com. It is currently unavailable on Amazon, but given that the last review of the product was in March 2018, it is bound to be back in stock soon.

How the Elchim Hair Dryer Compares to Similar Hair Dryers

The Elchim hair dryer is similar to comparable hair dryers in that it is powerful, quiet, durable, and works on many different types of hair. However, some features of the Elchim hair dryer set it apart from similar hair dryers. For example, Elchim hair dryers have an ionic-ceramic system. This system increases hydration and shine while giving just the right amount of heat, power, balance, and noise. Also, it has a classy and beautiful design without being bulky and awkward to handle.

However, some of the similar hair dryers have features that the Elchim hair dryer does not. For example, some of the comparable hair dryers have unique motors or ionic technology, and others use recyclable materials. Lastly, some comparable models have the same features of the Elchim hair dryers, such as power, durability, and comfort.

Comparable Hair Dryers

Here are three hair dryers on the market that are comparable to the Elchim hair dryers. To compare them to the Elchim hair dryers, we looked at features and quality.

Pibbs Twin Turbo 3800

This hair dryer is powerful, quiet, and comes with a K Lamination motor. This type of motor offers a revolutionary update of existing motors by reducing its weight and heat. In turn, this update makes the dryer lightweight and keeps it from overheating.

Customers said that the hair dryer is lightweight and dries hair fast without damaging it. However, some customers said that it sometimes overheats and is not durable.  You can find it on websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic

The Parlux 385 Powerlight Ionic has the reputation of being an innovative, advanced, and futuristic hair dryer. Also made from recyclable materials, it has 2150 Watts of power, and has a built-in silencer. Furthermore, like the Elchim hair dryers, it has an ionic-ceramic system.

Customers said that the hair dryer is lightweight, dries hair fast, is durable, and compact. However, some customers said that it does not have a long lifespan and it is not hot enough for them. You can find it on websites such as Amazon, parluxus.com, and carethy.net.

Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i

Similar to the Elchim 8th Sense hair dryer, this hair dryer works for all types of hair. Its six-speed settings accommodate all types of styles and colors. Also, it has optimal weight distribution and an ergonomic handle that makes it very comfortable to use. Lastly, it has tourmaline ionic technology that tames frizzy hair and gives it a smooth and glossy finish.

Customers said that it is lightweight, powerful, handles frizz easily, and untangles hair. Furthermore, customers said that the hair dryer is comfortable to use and gives hair volume and movement. However, some said that their hair got caught in the dryer, and others indicated it burned their hair. You can find it on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Elchim hair dryer are that it is powerful while still being gentle on all types of hair, it is quiet, and it has its own ionic-ceramic technology that increases hydration and shine. Furthermore, it has a beautiful design and is comfortable to use. Its cons are that some of the models don’t have a long lifespan and the hair dryer is not powerful or hot enough for some customers.

What’s the Best?

The Elchim hair dryer is a high-quality hair dryer that professionals and consumers can use with confidence. It has a powerful technology that dries hair quickly while keeping it healthy and soft. Also, it is quiet and stylish. However, comparable hair dryers on the market today have some of the same features of the Elchim hair dryer. If you are looking for a stylish and classy hair dryer with its own unique technology, then we recommend purchasing an Elchim hair dryer. Otherwise, if you are only looking for a powerful and high-quality hair dryer, you can buy anything similar to the Elchim hair dryer and get the same results.

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