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Do your arms easily get tired from drying your hair using a hand-held blow dryer? The bonnet hair dryer is once again making a comeback for salon results at home. I was trying to find out the reasons for their return, and I think I finally have it all figured it out.

You can use a bonnet hair dryer for hair treatments that require heat, deep conditioning, precision, and roller styling. When it comes to drying hair, a bonnet hair dryer tends to hair as a whole for uniform drying. This quality makes it ideal for weaves and hairpieces. In addition, it minimizes manual involvement so you can read a book or multitask.

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What Is a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

A bonnet hair dryer has a cap to put over your hair and a unit to mount on the wall. Once switched on, it blows hot air into your cap and evenly distributes the heat over your hair.

Apart from hair drying, you can use a bonnet hair dryer for deep conditioning, hair treatments, and roller styling. Even though it’s associated most with the 1950s, it is currently enjoying a reintroduction.

Benefits Of A Bonnet Hair Dryer

For starters, bonnet hair dryers are much easier to use than hand-held blow dryers. Using a hand-held hair dryer can be cumbersome and easily tires out your arm. In contrast, a bonnet hair dryer frees up your hands to either read a magazine or get a manicure.

Secondly, deep conditioning is the key reason why every girl should own one of these dryers. While using a shower cap to generate body heat during deep conditioning is great, the extra and even heat from a bonnet hair dryer opens up the hair cuticles so that it can soak up nutrients. Also, it cuts your deep conditioning session by half, saving you time.

Thirdly, you could work up a quick wet set with a bonnet hair dryer. Simply use the spiral rollers, curl formers or even a doobie wrap to achieve the style you want and then choose from high, low, or medium settings.

Lastly, you can still use the bonnet hair dryer to speed up air drying. On average, air drying takes from two to eight hours depending on your hair type. On the other hand, a bonnet hair dryer takes only 30 minutes.

What To Look For When Buying A Bonnet Hair Dryer

Before you get yourself a bonnet hair dryer, here are the factors you should consider to help you pick out the right one.

Size Of The Bonnet

Bonnet hair dryers usually accommodate small and medium size rollers. Few models fit larger rollers, so consider the size of rollers you intend to use to determine if it is big enough to fit over them.

Equally important, ensure that the interior of the bonnet has an anti-staining coat for protection against the chemicals in perms and hair color.

Heat Settings

A good bonnet hair dryer should provide multiple heat settings for flexibility. Some brands will offer two or three heat settings including low, medium, and high. So keep the heat low if you have fine or damaged hair and raise temperatures for thick, coarse hair.


Some key features to go for include ionic technology, cool shot setting, timer, sets of rollers, variable speeds, portability, and the height adjustment level. The ionic technology makes hair shiny and smooth. The cool shot setting helps locks your style in place once the timer goes off.

Tips on Using a Bonnet Hair Dryer

If you are just starting out, here are some tips to keep in mind when using a bonnet hair dryer.

  • Apply heat protector spray
  • Section out your hair
  • Use small rollers for short hair
  • Medium rollers for medium length hair
  • Large rollers for long hair
  • Check one roller first
  • Carefully roll out each section

How We Reviewed

We looked at the in-demand bonnet hair dryers on Amazon and scoured reviews and ratings. We also used company websites for a detailed view of the features each product has to offer.

Best Available Bonnet Hair Dryers

Here are some of the most used bonnet hair dryers.

Laila Ali LADR5604

The Laila Ali ionic bonnet dryer features ionic technology for drying hair fast. That also helps to prevent hair breakage and a shiny look. It has three heat and speed settings along with a cool setting for styling. This dryer accommodates a set of jumbo rollers for loose curls and waves. It also has a power cord and a compact storage for travel.

Customers liked that the white cap holds the hair firmly and that it is adjustable for different head sizes. They were also pleased that it accommodates a variety of rollers. Unfortunately, most users reported that the hose gets hot.

Hot Tools Professional 800w

The hot tools soft bonnet dryer has ionic elements for reduced frizz and quick drying properties. It also features two motors for increased airflow and heat distribution. Besides that, it has three speed and heat settings with a cool shot setting to hold hairstyles. It also works well when drying wigs and hairpieces.

Most users liked that the cap was big and stretchy, but some reported that it was heavy to carry.

Conair Soft Bonnet

31wi3oempgl-_sl160_-9086674 Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Easy Styling – or – Hot Conditioning with the Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer
  • 4 heat/speed settings including a cool setting for maximum styling versatility
  • Bonus Hot Air Vent Brush attachment for smooth, straight styles

The Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer has 400 watts for gentle heat while drying. It also has a four-foot cord with an easy lock handle. You can choose your preferred heat setting from several options. This bonnet hair dryer has four heat and speed settings including a cool setting.

While customers liked that the dryer heats evenly and easily adjusts the temperature, some users complained that the cord heats up quickly.

Andis 500w

The Andis bonnet dryer features ionic technology that not only dries hair fast but also results in frizz-free hair. In addition to this, it has two heat and speed settings. It also comes with a 40-inch hose and convenient storage case for traveling.

While customers liked the even heat distribution and ionic effects, some complained that it did not have a cool setting.

Gold N’ Hot

31sspg9tol-_sl160_-8741278 Gold N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

  • Ion technology helps fights frizz and helps maintain healthy-looking hair full of shine.
  • Four temperature settings (Cool, low, medium and high) and 800 watts provide styling variety. Great for natural hair.
  • Soft Bonnet cap fits rollers of all sizes and features jumbo-sized drawstrings for easy maneuvering and adjusting.

The Gold N’ Hot hair dryer features an ionic generator with an on/off switch. This bonnet dryer has two heat and speed settings. It also comes with a 40-inch hose that allows you to move around as your hair dries.

Customers liked that the bonnet hair dryer fits well with jumbo rollers. However, a customer reported that it was too loud and heats up quickly.

Hair Flair Deluxe

Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood (Pink)

  • Unique adjustable chin strap and side fitting drawstring to secure the Softhood in place
  • Largest hood capacity to fit over Curlformers hair curlers and rollers.
  • Over 120 ventilation holes for faster and more even heat distribution. 39 ” (100cm) flexible hose – ideal for…

The Hair Flair Deluxe bonnet dryer attachment is the most ideal for travel on this list. What makes this bonnet hair dryer unique is the silicone collar that holds the hood in place. You attach this dryer to a hand-held hair dryer as it has no independent heat supply.

While customers liked that it was ultra-mobile, some users did not like that you need a normal hair dryer to use it.

Hot Tools Professional 1061

No products found.

The Hot Tools hard bonnet hair dryer features a two-motor heating system for faster drying. It has 1,200 watts and large air vents for increased airflow and even drying. This bonnet hair dryer has two heat and speed settings. To add on this, it has an ion on/off switch where you can activate ionic elements for smooth and shiny hair. It folds easily and has a carry handle for easy transport.

Users liked that it was compact and lightweight. On the contrary, some users reported that the hood was not adjustable and the hood was too small for large rollers.

Laila Ali LADR5603

The Laila Ali ionic hair dryer features hydrating airflow technology that lets hair stay moisturized despite the exposure to high heat. It contains conditioning ions that helps reduce frizz. The hood accommodates different head sizes and rollers with balanced heat distribution. This bonnet hair dryer has three heat and speed settings to regulate intensity.

Most customers were relatively happy with this bonnet hair dryer, but some users complained of concentrated heating and that you cannot adjust the height.

Tourmaline Tools 1059

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875…

  • Pre-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nano technology transforms dryer’s airflow into a hydrating spa treatment…
  • 1875 watt output dries hair up to 50% faster while leaving hair silky, shiny, softer and less frizzy
  • Adjustable front visor and large adjustable bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers

The Tourmaline Tools 1059 hairdryer looks more like a hooded salon dryer. It features a pre-moisture system infused with a combination of tourmaline and ionic technology. This dryer has two speed and four heat settings along with a nine-foot cord. It also comes with two lockable wheels for stability, and they are removable for compact storage.

The salon quality finish and heat options impressed users, but some complained about overheating.

Our Takeaway

Overall, all the above hair dryers are great options. Therefore, the best bonnet hair dryer for you all comes down to your personal preference and choice. Remember to consider the heat settings, size of the bonnet, and the extra features that are most important to you for a great purchase.

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