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A bad hair day is a harrowing experience. How many times have you been rushing, running late only to get stuck in a battle with unruly locks? On days like that, when our hair has a mind of its own, most of us usually end up just giving up...
how to blow your hair

T3 Hair Dryer – A Comprehensive Review of This Popular Dryer

Do you feel like you have a bad hair day every day of the week? The solution to your problem might be the T3...
Wazor Hair Dryer Ceramic Infrared Negative Button

Wazor Hair Dryer: High-End Looks Without the Price Tag

Many people claim that blow drying hair is a chore that nobody wants to do. That's especially true if your hair dryer is of...
hair straightener

Best Hair Straightener for All Your Styling Needs

If you favor a sleek and neat hairdo, you’ll likely be no stranger to a hair straightener. They’re the quickest, easiest, and the most...
natural hair

Learning to Love and Care for Your Beautiful Natural Hair

Interested in the natural hair trend, but not sure where to start? Learn how to determine your hair type and choose the best hair products.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

If you’re one of those who loves their hair just the way they are but also wants to look presentable without damaging your hair,...
woman drying her hair

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Remington Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a salon-quality blowout at home, you may be in the market for a Remington hair dryer. Discover all of the pros and cons.
quiet hair dryer

Cut The Noise! Top 5 Picks For The Best Quiet Hair Dryer

If you've ever tried to blow dry your young child's hair or blow dry a pet or even blow dry your hair...

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