Best Portable hair dryer
Whether you are traveling for work or an exotic vacation, you never know when you want or need to have a fantastic hair day. Many women may be having second thoughts in dedicating a big chunk of their limited luggage space to a massive hair dryer. That is where...
healthy hair
Your favorite hair product commercial has fooled you. Getting healthy hair takes more than a good shampoo. But there are many things you can do.
woman wearing pink top
The Revlon hair straightener has probably been in your hair toolbox for those humid, frizzy hair days at some time during your life. The affordable price and widespread availability almost guarantee that you’ve used one at least once over the years. And if not, maybe you should give it...
natural hair
Interested in the natural hair trend, but not sure where to start? Learn how to determine your hair type and choose the best hair products.
solano hair dryer: haircut hairdresser salon hair
I learned the hard way why every girl needs a good hair dryer -- like the Solano hair dryer -- at home. A major magazine publisher called and asked to meet in one hour. The first thing I remembered was my messy hair. I knew that would kill the...

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