CHI Hair Straightener

CHI Hair Straightener: Is it Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

My hair was pretty straight growing up with a little bit of waviness thrown in there. On most days, I could wash and go...
Best Portable hair dryer

Best Portable Hair Dryer: Functionally Powerful

Whether you are traveling for work or an exotic vacation, you never know when you want or need to have a fantastic hair day....
photo of woman covering face with her hair

Why Every Girl Should Own a Bonnet Hair Dryer Today

Are you planning to buy a bonnet hair dryer for your salon or home use? Here are the best available dryers and what you should know before buying one.
healthy hair

12 Ways You Can Achieve a Luxurious Head of Healthy Hair

Your favorite hair product commercial has fooled you. Getting healthy hair takes more than a good shampoo. But there are many things you can do.
woman wearing pink top

Revlon Hair Straightener: Sleek and Straight Every Time

The Revlon hair straightener has probably been in your hair toolbox for those humid, frizzy hair days at some time during your life. The...

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