woman with pink hair just did a hair make over
Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels Every girl needs a total hair makeover once in a while. Life can be repetitive and boring. You get worn down with the same old routine every single day. It gets to the point where you just want to look presentable. You also end up looking the same...
BaByliss hair dryer

BaByliss Hair Dryer Review: Pros, Cons, and the Verdict

Are you comparing BaByliss hair dryer options? Here are the pros and cons of this brand as well as several great alternatives from competitors.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

If you’re one of those who loves their hair just the way they are but also wants to look presentable without damaging your hair,...
natural hair

Learning to Love and Care for Your Beautiful Natural Hair

Interested in the natural hair trend, but not sure where to start? Learn how to determine your hair type and choose the best hair products.
Elchim Hair Dryer

Elchim Hair Dryer: A Professional-Quality Dryer for Home Use

One of my favorite things to do is get my hair cut at a professional salon. I love being pampered and the feeling I...

Top 15 Cute and Cool Hairstyles for Girls of All Ages

Finding cool hairstyles for girls can be challenging. But don't worry -- there are many fantastic options available for girls with all types of hair.
Wazor Hair Dryer Ceramic Infrared Negative Button

Wazor Hair Dryer: High-End Looks Without the Price Tag

Many people claim that blow drying hair is a chore that nobody wants to do. That's especially true if your hair dryer is of...
solano hair dryer: haircut hairdresser salon hair

Solano Hair Dryer Review: Is it the Best Choice for You?

I learned the hard way why every girl needs a good hair dryer -- like the Solano hair dryer -- at home. A major...

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